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Vacuum cleaning our cat

Gosh, she totally LOVES it! :)

It probably helps that she has been deaf from birth. My kits would have a heart attack if I did this to them, heh. ;)

The Cat Diaries Episode 2

This rocks. The cutest kittens and so well put together. Watch it to the end! :D

Talking Cat

OMG. I died from cute watching this. :DDD

Sadie & Maple

Here's Maple trying to be sweet to Sadie.

Lugosi & Spider - Brothers!

Oh man, this is just so cute - I just caught them having a little "fist fight" on the sofa. So I put a bit of music to it and some older "cuddle" footage... ENJOY! :)

Janelle playing with ribbon

Watch her crinkled up little nose! Too precious!!! :D

Godzilla Cats!

Hey! Made a video of my cats fighting to the Godzilla soundtrack -- play fighting of course! ;->

Also a little nod to Jean Luc Godard in the first minute -- I'm a film snob. But the REAL action starts in the second minute... Wait for it!

Another Janelle Video

Princess Janelle at play with a .... piece of plastic! ;)


Janelle and her twitchy whiskers

Watch her whiskers. Too cute! :D

Nikita + toy mouse = hours of fun

Although in this case it's just over a minute :)

Hello! *waves* I just joined the community. ^^;

I have two kitty videos for your viewing pleasure! I hope you enjoy!

Same Window // New Window

Same Window // New Window

And while making this post, I realized I don't have enough kitty icons. =O I should change that. Hmmm...

new video

It's not much but at least its brighter than my last video of Grimm :)

and I tried posting the video itself but for some reason it doesn't want to work so here is the link:


Spider Cat plays with Catnip Leaf

He does have a bit of a habit I think LOL. The cutest bit is where he holds the leaf in both his paws and licks it like a squirrel... ;)

New vonfluffenstein Videos!

Take a look at these:

Spider´s amazing bouncy tail

Spider and Lugosi playing with my hand moving under the bed covers

Spider rubs his face on Aloe Vera plant (already posted on its own before, but if you haven´t seen it, here it is!)

Before anyone says something about Aloe Vera being poisonous to cats, it´s only if they *eat* the plant - Spider rubs his face on that plant every single day and has no ill effects. At the same time, I am reading about studies that aloe vera is currently being used *internally* on cats with the Feline Leukaemia Virus with some amazing successes. Anyway, just to say that I am a responsible cat owner (you all know that!) and I only have safe plants in my home - i.e. nothing leafy (except cat grass and catnip plants) because they tend to munch on those automatically.

Enjoy the vids!!! :)

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Spider the Cat´s Amazing Bouncy Tail

Spider must be the most tolerant cat in the universe, LOL. ;)

Nora, the Piano Playing Cat...

OMG, this is just TOOO CUTE! :D

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Let me kill you with some more cute

Little Scottish Fold kitten cuteness.... *dies*

Catnip Filled Kitty Kickers Time!

Check this out! We finally got our Christmas presents in the post, a little late, but they are fantastic! We paid only 5 US Dollars for them and this is in support of It´s Meow or Never Animal Sanctuary - www.itsmeowornever.org

Anyways, enjoy the vid! :D

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Lugosi trying to drink from the tap...

Unlike his bro Spider, Lugosi can´t quite figure out how to drink from the tap *properly*... ;)

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