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Come on guys, make us some money!

I am getting involved in a new cat charity being set up here in Lanzarote (which is desperately needed!) that goes round to spay/neuter and generally look after the feral cat population on our little island. This also involves setting up "Cat Cafés" - meaning communal feeding places in tourist complexes, so tourists don´t just feed the local cats whenever and wherever they want, and then leave them again to their own devices after their holidays. There are other things involved too, and I myself (suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis) am not going to help with anything physical like catching cats, but have offered to set up and run the website for this project.

Now, the video below is gonna make me a little bit of cash on the side that I have decided will go exclusively toward this charity. At the moment, we need to raise some money to firstly simply *register* this operation as a charity (which is not cheap!), so any cent, penny, shekel, rubel etc. will come in handy from anyone.

If you REALLY want to help, go and have a look at ALL the videos here (every view/download will raise money!)

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