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Janelle really does NOT like to be groomed

...but she´s hilarious to watch! ;)

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Tigger's Message to the Palin's

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Give the Tabby some Sub Love! More videos on Youtube!

3 Starving Kitties!

Look at these three rascals! They are NOT starving, they get fed very well thanks very much! However, every time I eat something with chicken (curry this time), they act like I don´t ever feed them... ;)

Come on guys, make us some money!

I am getting involved in a new cat charity being set up here in Lanzarote (which is desperately needed!) that goes round to spay/neuter and generally look after the feral cat population on our little island. This also involves setting up "Cat Cafés" - meaning communal feeding places in tourist complexes, so tourists don´t just feed the local cats whenever and wherever they want, and then leave them again to their own devices after their holidays. There are other things involved too, and I myself (suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis) am not going to help with anything physical like catching cats, but have offered to set up and run the website for this project.

Now, the video below is gonna make me a little bit of cash on the side that I have decided will go exclusively toward this charity. At the moment, we need to raise some money to firstly simply *register* this operation as a charity (which is not cheap!), so any cent, penny, shekel, rubel etc. will come in handy from anyone.

If you REALLY want to help, go and have a look at ALL the videos here (every view/download will raise money!)

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Lion cub triplets

OMG the CUTE! :D

And look at those gorgeous "weapons" on them paws! :D

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Funny Cats! A parody of the narration that goes along with those wacky home video shows. Our narrator Phil is having trouble at home and it's affecting his work.

Strong language may make it NSFW.

A UCBcomedy.com original.

Another Cat Video.

My sibling's ( aqua_cat ) cat walking backwards. =D

* Link should open up in a new window.

I hope you enjoy and have a nice day! ^^

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Awww! You´re gonna hate me for doing this, but she was getting so matted, especially under her arms and around her legs and bum - for those of you who don´t know, she HATES being brushed and she bites, scratches and screams every time I even touch her with the brush (except round the head area).

Anyways, even though she was heavily sedated, she still managed to growl and twitch her paws aways when the vet shaved the parts that she really doesn´t like having touched (see above)!

I still can´t get over how TINEEEEE she is, she is the smallest cat I have ever seen in my life! Anyways, have a look at the video and enjoy! :)

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Kitty Cat VS Tony Stockert

So yesterday My roomate Tony Stockert put up a New video about our new feline roommate. Well now the cats talks back.


Scoobie and the Bunnies

Just wanted to share this... too funny! And how *restrained* is that poor cat? Scooby really wants to rip off the heads of those cute bunnies, don´t you Scooby? LOL.

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Grimm playing in the sink

Here is my baby playing in the sink :P He just loves water... and because of him I created a community for kitties that love playing in the sink: sinkkitties

If linking to other communities isn't allowed please let me know and I will edit this post.

But for now please enjoy a video of my baby having fun. :)

Savannah Jumps 7 Feet!!

Check out this video of my friend' cat Mutegi - he's AMAZING!!

Spider Cat bounces after ping pong ball

Watch him do the "wall of death" along the sofa LOL!

Demon Cats 1, 2 & 3

these are just hilariouse (<---- spelling???)

for your amusement....

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